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 I've suddenly become a lot more forgetful in the last few weeks. I think the last three (or four) updates, I've forgotten to post them or I'll remember when I'm going to bed. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been as diligent at following a structure or just feeling under the weather.

So, I guess first off, I apologize for forgetting (again). Geez.
  • did character sketches (just for fun)
  • struggled to write a couple short stories
  • realized a MC doesn't have much of a backstory
  • figured out how to keep an important scene within the revised order of the plot
  • and other details and writing I'm sure I'm forgetting because my memory has been helter-skelter lately
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 Welp. I forgot to write an update yesterday. I might change it to every four days, as I seem to keep forgetting I'm supposed to do it every three days. Ah, me.


Today (and this past weekend) involved:
  1. a lot of handwriting of new material and new scenes
  2. character sketches
  3. a more rigorous delimitation of the different Arcs (+ the realization that one particular subplot still needs a tie-in into the larger plot of Arc One)
  4. 1 complete picture in a short story + work on two (slow-going) short stories*
Overall, typing has been more difficult. Writing by hand seems to be working better.

*except for one of these short stories, everything on the list has to do with Nights of Heroes
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 Well, this is later than I intended. I got actually distracted yesterday. (And not with the new book my sister loaned me on the Romanov sisters.) And then I wanted to try to organize the arrangement of chapters and characters/events by chapter for Book 1, so I would know where to put which scene and where I had to revise or rewrite.

That did not lead to successful results. And by then it was getting late enough that I just decided to put this post off until tomorrow, even if it would be a day late.


This morning I realized that what I realized earlier this month was applicable here. I had a lot of ideas but how much did I care about them? More importantly, were they all necessary to the story? Instead of looking at the events, I was recycling the events. But do they work? Do they make sense?

For example, in the original draft, one MC and another character meet at the early midpoint of the story. And I had taken that for granted that that was how it happened. Ruminating today on character wants and character flaws (which would interfere with said wants), I realized that having that MC meet a different character at that point in the story opened up a much more interesting dynamic, because of their personalities and attitudes.

That's not to say there wasn't anything compelling about the original set up. The problem stemmed from a lack of cohesion between events and character progression. (This was applicable not only to the development of that MC and the original character she met, but that character's character arc.) Additionally, by swapping the character that MC meets, it actually allows stronger focus on familial or friendly relationships. Which is more important in Nights of Heroes as a whole, more than romance.

A bit unrelated but I'd like to write more short stories. Especially about NoH characters; I think it'd give me a better grasp on them. Also want to write more about the awesome parents of characters unrelated to NoH.

I guess that's all.
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I've been thinking that I should try to focus more on Nights of Heroes and the actual rewriting of it. I've done lots of character building and writing little snippets (even finished a short story about this character) and even drawings. (Cos apparently NoH, and my Dreams, automatically link to drawings in my head.) I'd like to share more of that.

As for what I've done since my last post...

I realized waaay too many of my MC's have dead mothers. I blame Disney, being one of my major influences. I worked out the details of my central MC's history and thought that it would help him connect to another character, but then I realized that a lot of other MCs have dead mothers. Geez.

Also, I complete three short stories in the last three days. I didn't write them all in three days, but I completed them. So that's an accomplishment, I guess. I'll share the first sentence of each:

Sunlight scampered over the curling wild grapevines that had devoured a stone wall.


Long ago, a most unusual King inherited the ancient Padarya kingdom.


She steps across the snow.

Anyway, I'm going to try to focus on Nights of Heroes: the novels a little more.



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