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It's the last day!

There are so many things I wanted to do:
  • do character aesthetics for all the Nine (I got four done)
  • post more of the art I did
  • make more progress on revision! (but I got caught up in characters and short stories, which isn't bad but...)
What I have done:
  • re-drew old character drawings (2001 vs 2017)
  • organized my major characters into groups by major emotional character arcs AND major thematic arcs + subplots or supporting plot/characters (many of these interlock with each other)
Additionally, I'm thinking of trying to actually implement what I want I do with Nights of Heroes next month. Here's hoping I do it.
part of the Every Single Day for my charity challenge to WWF
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 I've suddenly become a lot more forgetful in the last few weeks. I think the last three (or four) updates, I've forgotten to post them or I'll remember when I'm going to bed. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been as diligent at following a structure or just feeling under the weather.

So, I guess first off, I apologize for forgetting (again). Geez.
  • did character sketches (just for fun)
  • struggled to write a couple short stories
  • realized a MC doesn't have much of a backstory
  • figured out how to keep an important scene within the revised order of the plot
  • and other details and writing I'm sure I'm forgetting because my memory has been helter-skelter lately
part of the Every Single Day for my charity challenge to WWF | next update will be on 31 Jan 2017!

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Well, I was up late (or early) because of New Year's Eve, so I'm not at my most alert today.

BUT! I did breakdown the chronology of Nights of Heroes by Arcs and (possible) books with working titles. I didn't include content details or summaries of events in each book and Arc. (All years are A.T. or After Talna).

Arc One: Rainbow Remedy [1716-1720]

  1. [1716-1717] Jewels of the Depths
  2. [1718] Kings and Revolution
  3. [1719] Love Across Worlds
  4. [1720] no working title

Arc Two [1720-1724]

  1. [1720-1] Thieves of Destiny
  2. [1722] Stolen Hope
  3. [1723] Star and the Sea
  4. [1724] Promise to the Gods

<10 yr gap> OR <8 yr gap>

Arc Three [1734-1738]

vignettes and heroics

Arc Four [1741-1745]

part of the Every Single Day for my charity challenge to WWF | next update will be on 4 Jan 2017!



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