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 I've suddenly become a lot more forgetful in the last few weeks. I think the last three (or four) updates, I've forgotten to post them or I'll remember when I'm going to bed. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been as diligent at following a structure or just feeling under the weather.

So, I guess first off, I apologize for forgetting (again). Geez.
  • did character sketches (just for fun)
  • struggled to write a couple short stories
  • realized a MC doesn't have much of a backstory
  • figured out how to keep an important scene within the revised order of the plot
  • and other details and writing I'm sure I'm forgetting because my memory has been helter-skelter lately
part of the Every Single Day for my charity challenge to WWF | next update will be on 31 Jan 2017!

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 Welp. I forgot to write an update yesterday. I might change it to every four days, as I seem to keep forgetting I'm supposed to do it every three days. Ah, me.


Today (and this past weekend) involved:
  1. a lot of handwriting of new material and new scenes
  2. character sketches
  3. a more rigorous delimitation of the different Arcs (+ the realization that one particular subplot still needs a tie-in into the larger plot of Arc One)
  4. 1 complete picture in a short story + work on two (slow-going) short stories*
Overall, typing has been more difficult. Writing by hand seems to be working better.

*except for one of these short stories, everything on the list has to do with Nights of Heroes
part of the Every Single Day for my charity challenge to WWF | next update will be on 27 Jan 2017!


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