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 If I am anything, I am consistent at being inconsistent. Especially when it comes to blogs and urls. I say this because I have wandered across the web, settling on blogger then onto wordpress -- and at each stop swapping my url at least twice -- then onto tumblr and now here. It's hard for me retain a location. To be fair, except for blogger, these are still all active. The challenge is finding the connection and the purpose: why have a wordpress blog if I don't want to post my writing online or write book reviews?

Sorry. This is off topic.

I'm thinking of all this because I returned to my original writing tumblr (adbat-writes.tumblr.com) but renamed it and reworked it to resemble my original fairy tale tumblr (cuntodelicunti.tumblr.com) -- which had turned into my second writing tumblr (writingbegas.tumblr.com) -- which is now my original writing tumblr (writingbegas.tumblr.com). Did that make sense?

Basically I had a tumblr (cuntodelicunti) for fairy tales. And later I created a tumblr for my stories and my writing and a place to have very specific tags (adbat-writes). Then I turned the fairy tale tumblr into my writing tumblr and renamed its url "writingbegas" which is where I've been posting my Every Single Day challenges. Then I decided I wanted to keep my writing tumblr only concerned with my writing, no fairy tales. So cuntodelicunti writingbegas is deleted, and adbat-writes is now writingbegas.

Ugh. I'm not one for clarification, am I?

Ah well.

So. Nights of Heroes. I was re-reading my second revision and I realized what I like about it isn't the story (because a lot of it's wrong) but I like how the story seems connected. I have to do that again, but with the right order, the right characters, etc.

Also, I actually did rewriting today! Whoohoo! Whilst listening to Over the Garden Wall instrumental soundtrack.

What's fascinating about my original draft, which I was revising, is how...omniscient the pov is. Like in the original:

He was so enchanted with his memories that he did not see someone else coming out of another corridor. The figure paused momentarily as though to get a bearing and Nkosana, in his daydream, collided right into her.

Instead of being in the character's head and then being startled with the arrival of (and collision with) another, it describes what's happening around him, without any recourse of connecting to the character. It's weird to re-read.

Also, more importantly, that's not the pov I want for the story.


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