Jan. 1st, 2017

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Well, I was up late (or early) because of New Year's Eve, so I'm not at my most alert today.

BUT! I did breakdown the chronology of Nights of Heroes by Arcs and (possible) books with working titles. I didn't include content details or summaries of events in each book and Arc. (All years are A.T. or After Talna).

Arc One: Rainbow Remedy [1716-1720]

  1. [1716-1717] Jewels of the Depths
  2. [1718] Kings and Revolution
  3. [1719] Love Across Worlds
  4. [1720] no working title

Arc Two [1720-1724]

  1. [1720-1] Thieves of Destiny
  2. [1722] Stolen Hope
  3. [1723] Star and the Sea
  4. [1724] Promise to the Gods

<10 yr gap> OR <8 yr gap>

Arc Three [1734-1738]

vignettes and heroics

Arc Four [1741-1745]

part of the Every Single Day for my charity challenge to WWF | next update will be on 4 Jan 2017!


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Normally around New's Year I recollect the previous year and set a few resolutions for the next year. A way of remembering and looking forward. Usually it's a time of progression.

Instead of that, the 2016/2017 change-over centered around making sure I got my Every Single Day challenge(s) posted and set up. It was about doing the thing -- the good, helpful, activist thing + the beneficial, sharing my writing thing -- than about what I normally do. It was about being the right kind of person.

During the last several years, I've struggled with trying to comprehend what is NORMAL. Tonight these questions revolve around questions of maturity and my realization that it's very easy for me to envision suffering-w/o-a-point.

To address maturity first:
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